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“ The Black Veils is Father Sebastiaan’s gift to the Vampire Culture - a succinct guide to Vampire life, in all it’s mystery and power. No Vampire should be without this valuable handbook. As I lie in my lair and peruse The Black Veils, the Vampire world is illuminated and I feel sated with essential knowledge. Thank you , Father Sebastiaan!"
Laila Nabulsi, Executive Producer of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

“Black Veils is engaging with its other worldly sensibilities in a unique thought provoking atmosphere.”  
G Tom Mac (Gerard McMann) , singer / songwriter Cry Little Sister, theme song of Lost Boys 

“In Black Veils, Father Sebastiaan, who has been a leader in the vampire community for a quarter of a century, presents a summary of his wisdom gained from interacting with the new vampires in our midst, especially as it relates to the individual vampire’ own positive self-development and the ethical dimension of vampire life.  Black Veils is essential reading for anyone wanting to know more about both the spiritual and secular dimensions of modern vampire existence.”
- J. Gordon Melton, Professor of American Religious History Baylor University

“An amazing piece of work.  From Fledgling to Elder to ancient f**ks like me, there is something here for everyone.” 
Lord Chaz, Vampire Street Theatre, Master Storyteller, New Orleans 

“I am loving my journey into Father Sebastiaan's Black Veils. The vampire lexicon is a rather new world to me and he makes it clear, enticing, romantic and magickal. A must-read for those entering or in the vampire culture!” 
- Patti Negri, Witch of West Hollywood / Ghost Adventures

"The Black Veils really nails it on the head. A must read for anyone thats interested in joining the Vampire Culture (VC) or just curious. Also, beautifully bound and a great add to any vampire book collection.” 
 - Ashley Pagliuso, Straight out of the Coffin

“Father Sebastian steps forward and reveals his original testament. Were you born with the Black Veils already with you? Read and find out.”
 - Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary, New Orleans Haunted Museum / Ghost Adventures

“I have been a Fangsmith for over 15 years endorsed and supported by Sabretooth Clan and I count Father Sebastiaan as the Founding Father of the world wide Vampire Culture.  And this book is indeed the next step.”  
- Robbie Drake the Fangsmith of London

“The Black Veils have arrived in Transylvania! A special book that will change and positively inspire the Vampires all around the world. Each Veil serves to make this book a unique lexicon perfectly adapted for the modern society.” 
 - Andrea Bathory, Special Events Director Bran Castle, Bran Romania

“The Black Veils is a well researched as it is strikingly beautiful, fitting for the theme of the book. Concise and informative, it is a great addition to ones library on the subject."
- E.R. Vernor, author Vampires a World History

“Black Veils is a tome for the times as many awaken to their true potential as an embodiment of the living Vampire. As you pore through this book, page by page, you will begin to unveil aspects of your true nature, illuminating the infinite expanse of potential that stretches out before you.
Kaedrich Olsen - Author Runes of Transformation 

“Black Veils is Dark, intriguing and sinfully DELICIOUS.”
- Leonardo Cavallero, Master Fangsmith, Host of the Vampire Court of San Diego

“Father Sebastiaan has proven time and again to be the quintessential leading force within The Vampire Community, "Black Veils" is proof of that nomen. With over 200 pages of definitive lore that reaches from beyond the basic conventions of modern vampire society to the obscure inner workings of the privileged few, "Black Veils" will be hailed as a triumph of the culture and a standard of excellence. It's single greatest achievement is in its accessibility to all, whether this is your first time experiencing the culture or you are a long time devotee, this finely crafted piece of literature will seamlessly bridge the two, in one singular unifying expression of all things vampiric.” 
- Drake Mefestta - Shadow Emporium - Apothecary and Shoppe

“A further reach towards the fine tuning of our immortality”
- Anthony “DJ Shock the Monster” & The Buzzfeed Star