Many of you have been asking how can you support the Vampire World project and mission?  Well first our main mission is to produce the world’s first documentary by Vampires about Vampire Myths.  So building

Here are some support points which cost you no money:

1.     Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, watch and share our videos.
2.     Like and support our social media on Facebook and Instagram.
3.     Subscribe to the Vampire World News FREE Ezine.
4.     Share our Vampire World BLOG articles, FAQs and information about the Vampire World.
5.     Suggest articles, investigations of Vampire Myths and content we can create for our videos and articles.

Here are some things which have a monetary value and apart of proceeds go to supporting the Vampire World documentary and Mission:

1.     Support our Patreon (coming soon).
2.     Support the Vampire World Emporium… all of these artists and companies are Vampire World fans like you! 
3.     Attend an Endless Night Vampire Ball event, apart of the proceeds goes to our Mission.  Party to make history!

Starting on February 1st to March 3rd 2018 we are hosting our Vampire World documentary Kickstarter with our producers to raise money for filming and producing this project.

Together we can make the Vampire World ROCK and create a strong foundation for a magickal, sexy, romantic and beautiful world.