Cast & Crew

The Vampire World is a diverse place and we explore the "Truth behind the Myth."  The following individuals are currently attached to the Vampire World Documentary.  We are currently casting for the documentary for actors, vampire experts, performers, crew and much more.


Father Sebastiaan

For many Sebastiaan van Houten is the "Founding Father" of the Vampire Community.  A controversial persona at the center of the Vampire World he is the "Master Fangsmith" of the Sabretooth Clan, Impresario of the Endless Night Vampire Ball and author of the BLACK VEILS.  His has appeared on many TV shows, films and countless interviews, magazines and blogs.  He is the host and co-producer of Vampire World.


Victor Magnus

A professional magician and Gatekeeper of the Endless Night Vampire Ball, Victor Magnus is the research guru of the Vampire World documentary. Hailing from New York City (Gotham Halo) he is a professional historian he is probably the oldest active member of the Sabretooth Clan.