Painting by Svetlin Vassilev - light and dark...

Within the Vampirism as defined by the Black Veils there are two primary paradigms: the Dayside (mundane world) and Nightside (vampire world.)  This concept was created by the Temple of the Vampire (TOV) originally and has been adopted over the years by the majority of the Vampire Community (VC) as standard lingo.  


The Dayside is the objective reality of the mundane and profane world as experienced by the five senses. Here science, rationality, reason and logic are the prime rule.  In the interpretation of the Black Veils, in order to have a strong foundation in the Dayside one must master several global life dynamics, including focus on the Self, Creativity, Social Programming, Wellness, Solvency, Preservation, and Perpetuity.  Such dynamics cover the fundamental basics of mundane life like making money, handling taxes, physical and psychological health, social skills, street smarts, personal financial management, etc.  The ultimate goal of the dayside is to focus on mastery of optimizing this “Mortal Coil” (the incarnation or life from birth to death.)  When referring to “dayside family” one within the Black Veils perspective is referencing birth / blood family.


The Nightside is the subjective and subtle reality beyond the five senses and mundane world.   This is the “Vampire World” which a vampire can assume their true personality and awaken to their true nature free of mundane chains.  Most Vampires enter the most basic levels of the Nightside ritualistically by changing their style of dress, choosing a “Nightside/Vampire Name,” and keeping a balance so their Dayside is kept separate.  However some Vampires seek more and venture further beyond the basics into the deeper meanings of magic, spirituality, esotericism, the paranormal, and supernatural.  Elements of this paradigm include: spirits, magic, dreams, occult, ritual, sorcery, subtle reality, aura, reincarnation, chakras, and energy work. In order to master this perspective one must have a solid dayside foundation in order to objectively gauge results and not get lost into the fantasy of the Vampire Mythos.  The Nightside Family is the spiritual or “Vampire Family” and is where an individual’s connection is through spiritual and philosophical means over physical ones.  Most Vampires only slightly touch into the Nightside realm through basic feeding and energy work techniques, though truly advanced Vampires move much deeper into this paradigm through various forms of initiation and ascension. 

It is wise to keep the Nightside and Dayside balanced in a strong equilibrium, this balance is known as Twilight.  Please note this terminology is not affiliated with the book and film franchise Twilight and has been within the Vampire Community much longer.